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Math Grades 3-4 Flash Cards 4-Pack

Product Number: SZ-04047
Help third and fourth graders multiply their math success! Four colorful flash card sets in this one little package offer 4 t...


Help third and fourth graders multiply their math success! Four colorful flash card sets in this one little package offer 4 times the learning! They’re perfect for home and classroom. Our proven flash cards will introduce essential multiplication and division skills and reinforce everyday time and money skills. The combination advances abilities, while also allowing for backtracking and fine-tuning areas that still need practice and/or sharing with peers and siblings who are at a slightly different place. Do speed drills, play games, change it up! Parent cards in the decks suggest more activities that help kids develop essential skills. Take them anywhere! Learning that goes where you go—that’s The School Zone Advantage®. Scroll down to read a description of each set.

Multiplication 0-12 Flash Cards
  • 55 multiplication problem cards
  • 1 parent card with tips
Help "tune up" your child's multiplication skills for speed and accuracy. Math speed drills take place in almost every school so help get your child on the fast track to positive test scores. This set contains 110 problems that range from 0 X 0 to 12 X 12. Kids can work individually or with a friend.
Ages 8-upDivision 0-12 Flash Cards
  • 52 problem cards
  • 3 division information cards
  • 1 parent card
Is your child a math warrior? These flash cards will help kids divide by lower numbers and conquer their next timed test at school. The set contains 104 problems that range from 4 ÷ 2 to 144 ÷ 12. Plus, find tips and strategies for working with your child.
Ages 9-upMath War Multiplication Game Cards
  • 54 game cards
  • 1 answer card
  • 1 parent card
Does your child need help with multiplication but dread learning it? Then turn it into a game! The multiplication edition of our Math War Game Cards is a fun and competitive way to help third, fourth and fifth graders practice their basic multiplication facts. Your child and a friend can play together.
Ages 8-upTime & Money Flash Cards
  • 25 time cards
  • 30 money cards
  • 1 parent card
Kids will wow you with their ability to tell time and count coins after using these flash cards. They will learn to read variations of digital and analog clocks, understand money value, and add coin combinations. This set will show them how to buy their favorite things.
Ages 6-up

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